Difference Between True Love And False Love

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Part (a) Emotional hijab
True love:- There is a difference among love and actual love. If people have belief that if they are in love like Romeo Juliet and Laila Majonoo. That is not love because this is the stupidity of dean. Because the people do reach their whish and those people who had loved with Allah and they always live happy. It wants and what a loved one because they constantly want to their approval.
Difference b/w true love and false love
False love is depend own us. After some time false love will be closed because it is produced due to any one attraction and beauty. Rather on other side true love depend on the spiritual and moral contrast. If human are good relationship with Allah another person
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False love does not fulfil our promises. It creates the problems like graduate, get the job and fulfil the family needs and get married first there is a need for big brothers and sisters etc. True love provide the spare time for his family and other persons. True love is always live in our heart and soul.
Which people who had false love they are madly in there love and they had forgotten there other activities of their life and concentrate their love. And some people are attached excessive with false love. In America found that first sight love is successful and they spend their life is happily. They thought that love is nothing and they thought that it used as a drug. On the other side true love towards good health and creates the good relationship with their families.
Part (b)
Physical hijab
Our dean Islam cannot permit the women came outside in their homes without wearing physical hijab. Our dean respects the women. And the western countries women cannot cover their body. They cannot feel shamed due to wearing the half arms shirt and skirt.
Similarly Islam cannot allow the men to wear the shirt without half arms and wear tight jeans or tight pent. Islam is not allowed to wear dress which shows the shape of human body.
Five levels of females
Level Name
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