True Purpose Of Education Essay

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True purpose of education is to make minds, not careers. - William Deresiewics When we first start going to high school the first thing that our elders tell us is that we better do good from this point on because it decides what we are going to do and be when we get out of school. For us teen-agers we want to enjoy life before we start acting like adults because when that time comes we won 't be able to enjoy life in school. School to teenagers is way to spend time with friends but we also somehow no matter what time we have to get up in the morning we make school fun. Adults tell us that we need to get a job during high school so that we would know how to depend on ourselves but is that what we really need. Having a job does help us learn…show more content…
My parents told me that at school you go through so many life changes and that one day that I am going to learn how hard it is to be an adult, but right now I am still a kid so they want me to enjoy being young while I still can. They told me that until I graduate they will pay for my phone and they will buy me a car. When I say car I 'm talking about a little car that was used many times, its definitely not brand new and that 's okay because I am lucky that I even get to drive. Teens my age can’t have a car because their parents tell them until you get a job you cannot have a car. Another negative thing about getting a job is that our health and safety suffers for it. The teachers and parents number one priority is to make sure that their kids are safe mentally and physically, in this case it is mentally. We wake up everyday of the week to go to school, so that we can education to get a job when we get high school or to make something of our self 's. Going to school to get a education is all the stress that us students need right now. If students start working and going to school imagine how many times we would fall into irregular sleep, we would be so stressed that some of us would want to break down and cry. Our brains can only take so much, if we fall into that routine we might actually fall into
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