True Romance In The Play Cyrano De Bergerac

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In today’s society many people believe that true romance is dead, but it really isn’t. It’s just not the same as it used to be. Everything is toned down in a way, so they aren’t seen as these huge declarations of love that could get someone killed like they might have been when Cyrano de Bergerac was written. Even though romance isn’t seem in the same way, it’s still alive and kicking. In the play Cyrano, the main character, is constantly going around and making huge gestures, some of them aren’t even for the person he loves, but he does it to help other people find the kind of love he wants. It’s usually very romantic action and it proves how much people love another, so even though these kind of gestures don’t seem to happen as often anymore,…show more content…
Videos of people telling those closest to them the big news go viral accidentally and millions of people see how cute it turns out to be. Moments like those used to be very quiet and private things, but now people put a lot of effort into them because they’re fun and it’s a nice way to show those they love something that’s really important in a significant way. Lots of people also do gender reveals by using different colors to symbolize the sex of the baby they’re going to have. Both are very sweet and thoughtful, they bring so much joy into other people’s lives. Cyrano tries to be just as thoughtful throughout the play in order to bring joy to other people, it may come at his expense and pain, but he’s willing to do whatever as long as it makes other people happy. ‘Do you find Christian...intellectual?’ ‘More so than you, even.’ ‘I am glad’” (Rostand 106). Instead of going after Roxane, he tries to set her up with Christian because Cyrano thinks that he’s not good enough for someone so beautiful, “I know--afraid that when you have her all alone, you lose all. Have no fear. It is yourself she loves--give her yourself put into words--my words, upon your lips!” (Rostand 100). Christian doesn’t know how to speak to women, so Cyrano uses his own feelings for Roxane to help his friend out and give him the woman he loves. His giving nature is what make Cyrano such an admirable character and today…show more content…
In Love Actually one of the characters uses large signs to let the woman he fell for know how he truly felt about her and couples all around use the same sort of signs to convey their feelings to their significant other or a crush. People often use the boombox scene from Say Anything to express the same kind of feelings in a truly cute and heartfelt way. It’s like when Cyrano covers for Christian’s mistakes on the balcony with Roxane (Rostand 121-133), it’s a tender moment between people who love each other, even if one of them doesn’t really know who they’re falling in love with. These heartfelt gestures are remembered vividly by those who get to experience them, so they have to really count in order to make an impact that will be looked back on
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