True Son Character Analysis

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How Racism is displayed. How do you tell if racism was shown is this book? Well, let’s take a look and check out some of the situations. There are many people in The Light in the Forest that show racism. There are also some people that show care and understanding to the Indians and the Whites. Some of the people that show racism are Uncle Wilse, and True Son. But the one person who showed care and understanding is Del Hardy. Uncle Wilse was very hostile towards all the Indians, True Son was also hostile, but towards all the whites. Del Hardy helped True Son and his family in any way that he could because he knew how True Son felt. On the travel from the Indian Territory to Pennsylvania Del Hardy accompanies True Son to go and meet his white family. Del relates to True Son because Del experienced the same situation True Son is with meeting his real family. At first, True Son didn’t like Del because he was taking him…show more content…
There have been a few characters that I have gone in depth and explored how they showed racism or how they did not show racism. There are two characters that show racism and hostility towards each other and one that has not shown racism in my opinion. There are ways that they all show racism because of the difference in culture or the way they live. One of the characters that have been disrespected throughout the book shows compassion and care for the person that has been disrespectful to him. Del Hardy is one of the characters that did not show racism in this book, he did this by showing his compassion and care for True Son he also showed this by relating to True Son because he has gone through it himself when he was a kid. Uncle Wilse and True Son show racism by being disrespectful to each other because of the way the other lives or has lived. They have different views on how things should be taken care of. Uncle Wilse and True Son are the main ones in my opinion that show racism the
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