True Successful Life

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Definition of true successful life:

“The one who has the most laughs in life is the most successful person in the world”.

Think about this, why so many people trade their honor, integrity and respect for money? Try to gain “happiness” or good laughs in life. Unfortunately, losing honor, integrity and respects is the opposite of that. Because they are the stimulants of endorphins and positive energy that can heal, energize and make body and mind feel good or “high” and bring real good laughs to life! And no amount of money can ever replace their strength and what they can do! Make clear of that all the times, if you don’t want to be miserable for the rest of your life, then don’t ever trade money with honor, integrity or respect. Or else
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So following its Laws is the wisest choice and the only thing to bring the true, most powerful, healthy result in anyone’s life. No scientists, no doctors, no professors, and no new “smart” genius researchers can ever replace the Laws of Nature! NONE!
Remember, true healthy life can only be reached by balancing all aspects of life - “Five Aspects of Balanced Life”.
Body is a part of Nature and Nature never lies. Thoughts can be influenced by man’s creation of ego, pride, fame, greed etc. All of those things, which Nature doesn’t care about have done excellent job to bring human miseries and destructions. Only Nature will never mislead you like men do. Practice any formula that fits the Laws of Nature will turn anyone to a master of it. And it’s never too late to
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I told my nurse to write down his name and phone number so I could call him back as soon as I can. The nurse answered, “I’ve told him that, but he still insisted to talk to you just for a few seconds.” I reluctantly said, “Okay, I’ll talk to him for a few seconds.” In my office nurses and staffs are instructed not to ask who is calling before they hand the phone to me. In other words, I will answer every single phone call before I know who is calling (if I am able to), so no prejudgment is made. Picking up the phone, I said, “Hello? Who is this?”. “Johnny!” answered from the other end with a familiar voice. I asked, “What’s going on, Johnny?” Johnny replied, “Can I come in to see you today?” I said, “Probably not, because today I have been extremely busy.” He said, “I know you are busy everyday anyway, but I don’t need an appointment; I just want to talk to you for a couple of minutes.” I replied, “You can go ahead and tell me on the phone.” He said, “No. This is something I have to tell you in person.” I thought if it is that important, maybe I should just give him a few minutes of my office time, so, I said, “Okay, a few minutes will be fine.” “I appreciate that,” answered Johnny and hang up. After that, I wondered for a couple of seconds. What in the world he needed to talk to me in person for? Is he going crazy? However, he
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