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1. Truffles
Truffles are edible gourmet mushrooms with a strong, deep, earthy fragrance that provide a distinctive flavor and tang to food. Truffles are used in petite quantities and yet their intense flavor and unique scent turn an ordinary dish of soup, chicken, fish or any meats into an exceptional gourmet experience. Truffles are round in shape, warty, and uneven. They also differ from the size of a walnut to the size of probably a tennis ball. The season for where most truffles are available is usually between September and May.

2. Truffle oils
A little touch of truffle oil can twist an average dish to something extraordinary. For one to detain the enchanting flavor of truffle oil, it is best to use the oil as just for garnishing the food not for stewing or frying. That little oil certainly comes in handy and will surely go a long way. Truffle oil is used to drizzle over grilled fish or steak, grilled or cooked meats, pizza or grilled asparagus, pan fried polenta, sautéed or even roasted potatoes. It can also be used to toss with pasta or to stir into mashed potatoes, chicken salads or scrambled eggs or even salads with soft, tender greens like lettuce.

3. Black truffle
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The size of black truffles can range from the size of a marble, to about the size of a foot ball. The most wanted truffles are those that range from the size of a golf ball to that of a tennis ball. This would convert to between 25 and 200 grams weight. The black truffle when ripe, it shows an intense black interior that is marked with white veins. The truffle is hard and looks a lot like the texture of potatoes. The outer surface has a rather rough, crusty skin that can endure the weather conditions in which the truffle grows

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