Truman Burbank And Guy Montag: Character Analysis

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Truman Burbank and Guy Montag are similar in many different ways. Some similarities they share are good and some similarities are bad. Both of these men have similar lifestyles that are dull and simple. The two have controlled lives and don’t get to make their own decisions. Truman and Guy Montag also have jobs that they dislike, and that they have questioned. The two men share struggles with who they have associated themselves with and how they think about things. Truman has troubles trusting others around him and questioning his life choices when he notices the way others act around him. This also relates to Guy Montag because he does the same thing as well such as: not being able to trust his wife or his boss, questioning his job, and questioning the way others in his society interact and communicate. One major similarity that I found both in the book and the movie was that Truman and Guy both deal with their bad…show more content…
In Guy Montag’s case his wife and boss are troubling Guy in making decisions. In Truman’s case his wife and the creator of The Truman Show troubling him with the decision to stay where he is an to accept his life how it is. Truman and Guy are pressured to make decisions that they know they would not make if others were not influencing the way that they were thinking. This becomes evident when you look at the way the two react after making decisions. Along with having people in both the book Fahrenheit 451 and the movie The Truman Show there is someone pushing them to succeed. In Fahrenheit 451 Clarisse is the person that is trying to encourage Montag to change his life and to live the way that he wants to live. In the movie The Truman show this person is “Lauren” or Sylvia. She wants Truman to live his life to the fullest without others being in the
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