Truman Capote Book Analysis

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Truman Capote paints a very vivid picture from the beginning of the book all the way to the end. He has the reader questioning and trying to guess what is going to happen next the entire time. Capote sets the setting at the very beginning “The village if Holcomb stands on the high wheat plains of Western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansas call “out there”. As a reader you are able to automatically picture the setting of the story and start to visualize the area. Capote states later on page 12 that “the Clutters had no neighbors within a half a mile.” He continues to help the reader visualize where the story is taken place. While I was reading, I visualized a small farm in the middle of a field that was in a town that everyone knew everyone. I believe Capote wanted us to know that so we could understand why there were no witness to what he was about to describe. “At the time not a soul was sleeping Holcomb heard them- four shotgun blasts that, all told, ended six human lives” (Capote 5). Capote states that six human lives where ended, but only four gun shots were fired. I questioned what happened to the other two lives? Who were they? What happened? The next few pages Capote keeps the reader eager to find out what was going on. He starts to describe a family that seemed to have a perfect father figure and husband, Mr. Clutter. He describes how Mr. Clutter woke up every morning at the same time to take care of the farm and how he had to drink the same thing every

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