Truman Capote's Manipulation Of Perry In Cold Blood

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Although Perry is responsible for the murder of four innocent people, Perry’s actions do not reflect on who he is as a person because he is easily influenced, therefore; showing how easily people can be pressured into doing something they would not typically do. Dick, a violent, cold-hearted, manipulator, has molded Perry into the person he is today. As Perry is a follower, Dick has taken advantage of that by turning Perry into the cold-blooded killer he is today. Capote displays Dick’s manipulation of Perry through symbolism to make evident that while Perry did pull the trigger on four innocent people, although the fault does not entirely lay on him, as he was taken advantage of by Dick. As Capote gives insight to Dick’s viscous personality, he symbolizes Perry to further display how Dick manipulates him. After Dick steps on the gas to complete his mission of murdering a dog in the road, he saw, “ahead of him, on the dusty road… a dog trotting along in the…show more content…
Willie Jay is the antithesis of Dick: Willie Jay encouraged Perry to strive to his fullest potential (although Willie Jay did not think that was much, based on his condescending attitude towards his lack of education). Dick attempted this, he “ had always encouraged him, listened attentively to his talk of maps, tales of treasure, but now-- and it had not occurred to him before-- he wondered if all along Dick had only been pretending” (Capote 100). Perry noticed that Dick did not actually respect him. However, Perry honestly admired Willie Jay- he was the antithesis of Dick. Perry takes the both paths on the road of manipulation, but they do not meet at the end. Perry would have turned out much differently if he would not have begun following Dick because his actions heavily rely on who he is
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