Truman Doctrine Vs Monroe Doctrine

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As time passes by many new marvelous inventions, and ideas arise. But, somehow we as humans tend to repeat actions that have already been done. A perfect example of this would be the creation of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 and Truman Doctrine in 1947. Although these doctrines were established for their respective times, their purpose remained the same. Both were used to provide foreign countries with military support in case they were being threatened by other nations. Additionally, these doctrines were also used for the United States’ benefit because in the Monroe Doctrine, the United States forbade European powers from trying to conquer South American countries; in the Truman Doctrine, the United States tried to contain communism and to stop its spread across Europe. The Monroe Doctrine and the Truman Doctrine were used to help other countries against hostile powers, and at the same time these doctrines helped the United States to become and to remain a world power during the Imperialism and Cold War era. In the 19th…show more content…
power was shown internationally. Although the Monroe Doctrine took place several years before the Imperialism era, the Monroe Doctrine helped pave the way for the U.S. mission of spreading liberty and democracy. At the time this “mission” that the U.S. had is what helped them be unique compared to other nations, because most of the foreign countries tried to expand their territory instead of promoting liberty. The Imperialism era compares to the Cold War era because in both of these periods the U.S. was trying to promote liberty and democracy. The only difference between the two time periods is that in the Cold War era the U.S. tried to contain communism, so democracy could be preserved. In the end the United States formed new alliances that are still going on today, and the U.S. are now on better terms with Russia after the Cold

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