Truman Inhumane Analysis

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When defending his country, President Truman should make an executive war decision to order the use of an atomic bomb against a Japanese City if the Japanese do not willingly surrender immediately upon request without conditions. He should make this decision due to the Japanese’s incompetence and ignorance when viewing the human rights of their people. During the time of war the Japanese government created a major shortage of food by forcing food producer to make supplies for the military. For instance, the healthy starch crop known as the potato was no longer available to citizens for food, instead the government took the potato’s and used them for aviation gasoline. When defending their homeland the Japanese used inhumane ways of fighting, through the treatment of their soldiers.…show more content…
The military would tell their soldiers that the kamikaze attacks were for the good of their country, which led the soldiers to believe that their patriotism and pride was more important than their own lives. The Japanese’s apathy for their people and their inhumane warfare needed to be stopped. The US found significant issues with firing of an atomic bomb, such as the civilian casualties it could cause and the post-war problems it could create with the Russians. Despite the possible repercussions of the atomic bomb, Truman would be right to fire off the atomic bomb into a major Japanese city. He would be right to do this because of how it would protect the american citizens from future attacks on American soil. The atomic bomb, overall will end the war and show the Japanese the repercussions for lacking care for the human rights of their people and their inhumane ways of
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