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Since the movie is based on Truman; an individual who is unaware that his life is being filmed. Even though his surroundings are very influential to him, he still remains to be himself. He lives in a reality of utopian urbanized city, and he is surrounded by societal expectations; to be like everyone else. A typical surbanaite. However, he does not abide by societal expectations demanded by the made up reality and he is true to himself. He is but a typical individual. What Christof meant to say was, Turner is real and he does not pretend nor try to be perfect as society demands. He has flaws, and imperfections which makes him real.

Truman seeks adventure and excitement in life but he is unable to attain it. Due to the false reality which is
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When an individual recognizes their free will, they are naturally determined to explore their surroundings and observations. Often times and during his adolescence, Truman didn’t possess free will due to the pressures of society implicated on him, which weakened his determination. As Truman got older and began to question the circumstances he was put in, he began to practice his free will, which in turn, made him a determined individual to seek out the truth. To practice your free will is to challenge your determination and as long as determination resides in the mind of an individual, they can overcome great…show more content…
The TS-2 viewers are aware of the memontous situation and circumstances Truman is put in, whereas, TS-1 viewers believe the circumstances are for entertainment purposes only. TS-2 viewers acknowledge the significant impact the show has on Truman but for TS-1 viewers, it’s a little negligible. TS-1 viewers think of Seahaven as an escape, which everyone wants to follow but TS-2 viewers believe Seahaven to be a mental affliction on Truman because he is unable to differentiate between deceit and reality. TS-1 and TS-2 viewers are in opposition and it’s ironic because Seahaven is supposed to be a blissful residence but it’s not so, instead, it’s a

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