Truman Relationship Essay

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However, Truman’s attempts to follow his hard line in the policy were largely limited by the Congress. The relationships between the President and the Congress had been burdened with many factors. Although Truman was a Democrat, the majority in the US Congress belonged to the Republicans, who adopted a series of legislations of the right-wing conservative character. In his pursuit of the economic progress and social equality, Truman followed Roosevelt’s course: he aimed to provide a full employment, public healthcare insurance, federal assistance to educational programs and extension of civil rights for the Americans. The Republicans who controlled the Congress in 1947-49, on the contrary, tried to depart from Roosevelt’s New Deal. One of…show more content…
In 1949, the Democrats regained the majority in the Congress; however, it had not much influence on the implementation of Truman’s policy. Fellow party members agreed with the need to extend the existing programs of the New Deal, but they were strongly braking the establishing of government’s control in other spheres of the American life. Another sticking point in their relationships was the communist activity in the United States. In 1950, the Congress passed the Internal Security Act, known as McCarran-Wood Act, which was directed against the Communist Party. It warranted the establishment of special department for control over subversive activities, and for identifying persons who might be the members of communist or fascist organizations aiming to install total dictatorship in the US. They were deprived of their basic civil rights. The legislation was very controversial to the American tradition, hence Truman vetoed it. However, the Congress re-voted and adopted the act. In this way, in 1952, the Congress passed another anti-communist legislation – McCarran-Walter Act about the restrictions of political immigration. In accordance with it, the communists were forbidden to enter the United
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