Truman Show Argument

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As homo sapiens, I disagree that we accept the reality of the world with which were presented. Three ways of knowing that I believe is why I agreed with the statement from “ The Truman Show “ is through sense perception, intuition, and faith.
Sense perception as we know is the process by which we can gain knowledge about the outside world. When you think about sense perception it is most common to automatically think about the given five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. From experience, I don't agree at all that those are the only senses that we have in fact I believe we have plenty more. The sense of balance is one that isn't mentioned in the five that most believe is the only five but you wouldn't know if you lose your balance
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Everyone has intuition and we are naturally born with it. We all have experienced that gut feeling and it turns out that what we were feeling we were right because we went that extra mile for reassurance that we were correct. That is because intuition is a higher form of instinct. For example, one day I had a gut feeling that somebody bad happen but I just couldn't figure out what. Until I finally decided to call my friend to ask how she was doing, and there it was I found out just that night I was sleeping my friend died in a car accident.Similar to what Truman had about not stopped until he set foot into the real world even though that he was told there was nothing out there for him but his gut feeling said otherwise. Although Intuition doesn't always work by itself, working with other ways of knowing, intuition is a perfect example of what is presented it has to be more to it than what I am seeing or what I am feeling. Although some may not be as intuitive as others it still shows that they have this ability to make a quick reason without needing rationale decisions. Another example that you would be familiar with is when you have a question and your gut is telling you the correct answer and to go for it but you always go with your dumb mind your gut is right. ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING. Thus…show more content…
Faith is something that majority of all us have inside of us even though we may not know it just yet. There are countless ways that faith can be explained on why it drives us to believe that there is more than what we being presented.An example that I know is the conception of an Islam man is to have full faith in his religion and must serve for all, if they are killed for the righteous reason for Allah as what they was supposed to fully believe in, then they are promised a paradise of 72 virgins. Despite believing in something that isn't necessarily needing physical proof.Going back to do we accept only what is presented to us as reality in this case isn't true because those men have no proof of their actually being a paradise full of virgins. But a more relatable example would be believing in whomever you believe in, which for me would be God. I can't see him, nor hear him but yet I have full faith that he exists because tying with reason because we can draw conclusion that cannot be strictly deduced from their premises. Although it seems as if you make up your mind you believe in this and you don't necessarily know why but yet you have full faith. Faith is what you can say goes with intuition because if you have faith in something then you gain the intuition to go do what you believe in because you morally
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