The Truman Show

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“The Truman Show” is a show about a man called Truman Burbank. He was legally adopted by the corporation under Christof’s management. Christof, is also controlling Truman’s life in a dome that is classified as a town, Seahaven. His life is basically idyllic. Anyone would really want to live the same life he’s living. But they don’t realise that Truman is living in a world with no human rights, it’s like he is trapped.

Freedom. Freedom means nothing to Truman since he is ‘caged’ in a dome. When he tries to leave, Truman has been stopped in many ways, evidently there is when Truman had tried to book a flight to Fiji, the reservation clerk said that there are no flights to Fiji for the next month. This shows how badly the management, especially
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For example, it has been mentioned in an interview between Christof, the producer, and the interviewer, that Truman has been monitored his whole life by 5000 cameras around all of Seahaven, which means that he had no privacy at all because the whole world was watching him. Other than Truman being watched his whole life, he has been lied-to his whole life. He is in a loveless marriage and has been separated from the love of his life, Sylvia, a girl he met in college, who tried telling him the truth, that he is in a reality television show and that he is being watched by thousands and thousands of people, which then resulted in her being taken away by a stranger. Since then, Truman has never seen her again, even though he tried his best to find her. This shows that Truman is forced to stay away from his love. Other than that his parents are fake. His birth parents gave him up to the corporation. The corporation had made Truman’s “father” die when he was younger. They were in the sea on a boat and it looked like there was a storm but Truman wanted to go further in the sea. Truman’s father then “drowns”. Since that day Truman has feared to go near water. Christof took advantage of Truman’s fear of the sea to manipulate him to never leave the borders of Seahaven and stay within the city. This is immoral because forcing someone to live
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