Trump Dunbar Reflection

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On september 7 ,2036, Trump has officially been president, for what it seemed to be the longest six years of my life. He started to deport Mexicans back to Mexico even if they were not immigrants. As time went on I got more scared that Trump would send my family back to mexico. It was the first feeling I had as we watched someone we knew or someone down the street get taken everyday. It started to be a regular thing until I saw the government that I had once trusted beat a man who wouldn 't leave his daughter behind. As rage filled me up I knew I had to do something to help the very people that had taught me my culture, not only was it the right thing it do, but instead it was what I had to do.
It is november 18, 2038 which marks the anniversary of my capture a year earlier. I have been taken from my home without my family for a year and put in a camp in mexico, yet it seems as if everyone around me is apart of me because we share the same culture. In the camps we are not allowed to celebrate anything that Trump says we can 't or we will be killed on the spot. I miss the freedom to be able to attend school, go to a celebration, or even have some traditional mexican food, instead they have been stripping our identities away everyday. I still celebrated some of my cultures events, but I keeped it to myself. Its tough to
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It is now April 22, 2039. I have received new that their is a group of mexican soldiers who would attack Trump three weeks from now. I knew what I had to do even if I had to put my life on the line but I will do anything to protect my family and my cultures future. Over the years I have adapted to the environment and camp around me. I even learned the guards routines. As days went by I started to spread the word of how I would lead a great escape from the camp. Two days before the mexican soldiers would attack Trump, I planned my own attack on our camp the very next day. As everyone got ready to rebel in the camp the next day things were looking
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