Trust And Deception In Othello Analysis

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Deception and suspicion are powerful tools that can use trust and mistrust as weapons. Many think that the most powerful weapon is trust and honesty in a relationship but unfortunately suspense and deception over power it in most cases. This can be seen in the play Othello by William Shakespeare, when Othello gets tricked by Iago into thinking his wife is cheating on him and many more cases. In the article How Iago Explains the World, by Lee Siegel it highlights the fact that Iago’s deception and lies work out for him and that he in fact sees the world the right way. Deception overrules honesty in many occasions especially in Shakespeare’s tragedies. In Othello Iago has a plan to get the job of lieutenant and this he can only do with the help of lying and deception. He manipulates Cassio into drinking too much at one of their parties and this gets Cassio fired. In the play it says, “...Cassio, I love thee, but nevermore be officer of mine”(Act 2 Scene 3 Line 265). Iago wants the job of lieutenant that Cassio…show more content…
He does this also for personal gain. Roderigo is in love with Desdemona, but he cannot “pursue” her while she is with Othello, so Iago generously offers to break them up, for a price that is. In the play it says, “Ha, I like not that”(Act 3 Scene 3 Line 37). This is a pretty vague quote from the play where Iago simply hints that something could be going on between Desdemona and Cassio. Othello and Iago come to her room and notice Cassio talking to Desdemona but quickly getting up to leave as he sees Othello approaching. Iago hints to Othello here that the reason for this “flee” is that Cassio is having relations with Desdemona. This is where all the manipulating starts. Later on in the play, it says, “Hang her, I do but say what she is!” (Act 4 Scene 1 Line 206). Iago has finally convinced Othello that Desdemona is cheating on him thanks to his miraculous manipulation
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