Trust And Love In Mark Luka's Theme In Crossing By Mark Slouka

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Trust. Something that can take a lifetime to build, but only a couple seconds to destroy. One word that contains so much meaning. At one point, we all wonder: Is there a limit? Do we trust anyone or anything unconditionally or is there an edge, and if we cross that edge there is no going back? Trust can be all the important things, yet sometimes it can also be all the insignificant things that make the difference – sometimes it can be about life or death. Trust can be rebuilt, but perhaps the fear of making a mistake is right under the surface.
The short story “Crossing” was written in 2011 by Mark Slouka, who is an author. Mark Slouka’s short story follows significant themes such as trust and love. The story follows a man, who is also a father. The story follows his thoughts and feelings throughout his trip with his son, specifically crossing the river
The main character is a man who has a son. It seems that the man has had a divorce with the mother of his son: “He went inside, wiping his shoes and ducking his head like a visitor […] and when he looked at her she shook her head and looked away […] he thought, maybe – maybe he could make this right.” The fact that he
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In life, trust can easily be taken for granted, but whenever a life-threatening situation comes along, we seem to believe in each other. To fully understand the story, you have to read between the lines. The story shows that when someone loses their trust and faith in you, you must rebuild that trust, and that can sometimes be hard. The Story creates a great suspense and as the reader, you do feel satisfied with the ending, because you want it to end well - that they get home safely and that the father and his son has gained a lifelong bond to each other, but perhaps this non-fictional story is a reflection on life – you never know where trust or mistrust leads

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