Trust In Finding Forrester

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Trust is the base of all types of relationships. In the movie finding forrester, through trust Jamal and William became friends. William was a retired author and jamal was a black high school student. With different backgrounds, it is an unlikely friendship. William became a mentor for jamal’s writing. It took a lot of learning to trust to become friends. William trusted jamal not to tell anyone that he was helping him learn to write better. When Jamal breaks Williams trust and takes one of the writings to school, Jamal trusts william to help him get out of a plagiarizing mistake. In life, trust is a big part of relationships, whether it be in character, setting or seeing how it caused conflict.
Many characters rely on trust. William has
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People learn to depend on others in different ways and in different settings. The apartment of William Forrester and the new school can build many different kinds of trust and can have a positive and negative impact on the characters. Going to the new school focuses on a self trust between jamal and his inner intellectual needs. He has to trust that leaving his old school and friends that this new school is what is best for him. In Williams apartment trust is being built between friends. The more William trusts jamal the more William reveals about his childhood and past. All this trust that is built in the apartment leads to jamal getting his apartment and the second book he writes. According to Levy (2000) ¨More than half the scenes set indoors in Forresters cluttered apartment¨ (p. 2). This shows how big of a part his apartment played in the movie. All of the trust was built…show more content…
These arguments can make or break a relationship. Sometimes when trust is broken painful conflicts arise. Like when Jamal took one of the writings to school without permission, when jamal and william had a agreement not to take any of the writings that they did in the apartment, out of the apartment. “Forrester had been one of the few people to take time to look at his work and consider his writing seriously. Slowly, the boy and the man began to trust each other” (CNN, 2001) (p. 2) Forrester had faith in jamal enough to teach him to write and trusted him enough to use the starting paragraph of his own writing. This caused conflict between William and jamal but also jamal was so trustworthy to william that it caused conflict for jamal because he promised not to tell people about william. This made it look like jamal had plagiarized and the professor got the school board involved. Jamal was so trustworthy to william that he risked getting put on academic probation when he did nothing
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