Trust To Turner Case Summary

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a) Provide a brief explanation of the proper business process involved in this case. For example: What should have been the proper document flow, personnel involved, authorization(s) required, etc.? a. In this case, a few issues with supervision caused the opportunity for this particular type of crime to be committed. The Supervisor’s trust given to Turner was a fatal flaw in the internal controls set in place to prevent this from happening. Not periodically changing passwords, and rotating task between particular employees was another issue. Proper auditing of documents was another and last issue involved with this fraud scheme. b) For those components of the business process that were performed incorrectly, fully explain what should be done to correct each process, a. Trust is a key component in business world, particularly because supervisor and management do not hire, nor keep in employment those that they do not trust. Unfortunately, because of this, the violation of trust is an occurrence that many companies are susceptible to. By keeping up with employees and understanding their personal life to some extent, without breaching privacy, management can adjust their views of an employee, giving the proper access involve with their job tasks. Supervisor should require…show more content…
After reading the following case study, it’s clear that the investigation was carried out proficiently. The CPA firm followed the trail after finding something suspicious, then carefully interviewed and commandeered the needed documents in order to figure out which employees were fictitious. The used all the necessary information to narrow down the suspects to a single perpetrator. The only thing I would have changed, would be not initially interviewing Turner after finding out he was involved. The longer an investigation occurs, the more chance one can cover their tracks. If Turner did have an accomplice, plea bargains could have been offered in order to flush the other perpetrators
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