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Obsessions can become scary It all started back in 6th grade, I met 5 people named Jenna, Natalya, Olivia, Emily, and Kayla who all seemed cool. They invited me to sit with them at lunch on the first day, little did they know I would open a gate that was never meant to be opened. Back then, I was drawn to anime and manga like a moth to a flame, one mention of it and I 'm there. They started talking about normal things, such as Doctor Who, and Jurassic Park. I decided to mention anime. the table was then quiet, I looked around, wondering if I scared away my new friends.
"Do you watch Naruto?" Jenna asked, she eyed me suspiciously, waiting for an answer.
"Yes... why?" I replied meekly, wondering if that was the right answer, I felt I was a small mouse in that moment, being shadowed by a ferocious cat.
"Welcome to the group! Who 's your favorite character?!" my mood immediately rose, and we even got each other 's social media accounts and phone
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seeing their excitement, I took out my binder that held lots of drawings of all of the characters, and gave it to them. They immediately started bashing me for how I drew them, saying the head was to big, the eyes were to large, the hands were hidden or the hands were drawn terribly, the hair was terrible, and it didn’t even look like any of the characters. Emily soon came back from the bathroom in the middle of them saying my art style was trash, and even agreed to most of what they said. I started to get fed up of what they were saying, and decided to just say then and there, I didn 't want to ever hear from Emily again, because she always went overboard with everything, and only cared for herself. I blocked her from all of my social media accounts, and I blocked her number from my phone. From that day I vowed to never let something become my only like, and possibly have it corrupt my brain, so I would never end up like Emily, or any
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