Truth And Consequence Analysis

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Have you ever lied and had a consequence because of it? In Truth and Consequences, by Brendan Gill, Charles finds out the truth about the girl’s life which makes him face consequences with his life . Charles finds out the truth by talking to the girl at the pool who was unlike anyone he had ever met. The plot of the story helps the readers visualize the features of the girl Charles talks with. The tone of the story helps the readers see the different ways that Charles and the girl live. The actions in the story allow the readers see the way Charles is at the beginning and the end of the story. All three of the elements: the plot, the tone, and the actions, help transform the story. The plot of the story gives the readers a visualization that…show more content…
At the beginning of the story, Charles started as a boy who was as innocent as could be, not hearing any swear words or any sort of things that are considered “bad” by his mother. He always hung out with his mother and didn’t take any adventures. ““You oughtn 't to keep swearing like that,” he said.” Charles did not like the way the girl talked. He wanted her to change her ways because he was going to be a priest. He started talking with the girl and throughout the story he began to change his mind about being a priest. The girl told Charles the truth about her life and how she wasn’t accepted by most people because of her different looks. Charles then realized he wanted to do what he wanted and not his mother’s idea of being a priest. “Charles saw his mother walking heavily along the porch. He studied her as if she were a stranger. What an enormous old woman she was, and how strong she was, and how she had driven him!” Charles had realized through the actions of the girl he talked to that his mother had driven him to do what she wanted and that he didn’t have his own choice of what he wanted to do. This is what caused him to realize that he really didn’t want to be a priest and he wanted to take his own career
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