Truth In Our Town

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Truth can be found in almost every situation. Even though you might have to dig deep, truth can always be found, as shown in advertising, drama, and poetry. One specific advertisement that will show truth is Crest White Strips from Crest. A piece of drama that reveals truth is the play Our Town by Thornton Wilder, pages 62-63. A poem that reveals truth is in the book, Ordinary Things and the poem is Stone Walls, by Ralph Fletcher. We will first be looking at the advertisement, that explains Crest White Strips. In the advertisement, Crest White Strips, the truth comes out, but not that clearly. On the picture, it says, “For dazzling appeal, do the daily 5 minute peel… Remove surface stains, whiten by deep cleaning and protect your enamel from…show more content…
The play Our Town by Thornton Wilder, the truth is revealed when Emily is telling George about how he has changed while they are in High School, and they gradually begin to forgive each other. Emily has to tell George the truth about how he is acting. “Emily: I don’t like the whole change that’s come over you in the last year. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings, but I’ve got to-- tell the truth and shame the devil. George: A change?--Wha-- what do you mean” (Page 62). “Emily:... You’ve got awful conceited and stuck-up and all the girls say so… I’m sorry if it hurts your feelings… but I can’t be sorry I said it. George: I… I’m glad you said it, Emily. I never thought that such a thing was happening to me” (Page 63). This scene shows that Emily had to tell the truth even if George got hurt by the words. But, George was able to accept the fact and understood why Emily told him the truth. The truth is easily found in this drama scene because the two people need to understand what they are feeling and when Emily told George, he accepted the truth and the facts. Truth is easier to find in drama than in advertising because advertising doesn’t come out and say the whole truth, but drama explains the truth clearly by giving characters traits that you can relate to, and you can understand how the characters find out the
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