Truths Behind Conspiracy Theories

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Truths Behind Conspiracy Theories
Was 9/11 caused by the government? The most effective tragedy in U.S. history known as 9/11, killed thousands. Many Americans thought it was a cover up the government was trying to hide. A question that had many people thinking according to Times Magazine “Why had the military failed to intercept the hijacked planes?” That could have resulted in saving many innocent American lives. Since being a very well known factor. Therefore, theorist looked more into it. That’s what ends up causing a conspiracy theory. Many people are interested in theories that interest them. Revolving conspiracy theories around the mind of psychology and interest of a topic, and most importantly the media. Proves that conspiracy theories
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Weekend All Things Considered in their article Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories mentions, “Involving conspiracy theories there is a lot physiology that involved it … and we do that for a simple reason we humans don’t like it when we feel wrong”. Therefore, that generates the human to make inferences about an event that seem skeptical. Thinking could that be true or not. People in control influences the lower scale, “Variety of fields, such as history, political science, psychology, and sociology, have contributed to our knowledge about the history of conspiracy theories, the economic and political condition” (Brigitte). Job fields that deal with the public in this world can make a person 's opinion different. This influences the world; by powerful individuals that the population turns to in need of help. Conspiracy theories are all in the mind, causing minds to think deeper and harder than…show more content…
In addition, conspiracy theories are created by people sharing the same beliefs because they have the same interest, and views. In the article Conspiracy Theories it claims, “Small groups have the belief on same beliefs If one person have the same beliefs as another they are obviously going to share the same interest” (Meyer). In news articles causes to mislead the public. The public influences you as individual, and that makes you think, could this be real or not. If you as individual see a headline on Fox or CNN that could cover the same thing but could establish two different ways. Many people share conspiracy theories because they have the same interest, views. If one person has the same beliefs as another they are obviously going to share the same interest. In the resource, It 's time to retire the tainted term 'fake news ' it references, “Fake news has a real meaning- deliberating constructed lies. In news articles, mislead the public” (Sullivan). The news can get a single beings attention by something that another person delivers that interest them or they strongly believe in. It could be said by the news or an individual because groups can affect you because you guys share the same
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