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TRX Exercise Improves Strength, Stability and Burns Calories

TRX is still relatively new to the fitness world. I come across people every day who still haven't ever heard of it, much less attempted to dangle from those terrifying yellow straps. As a Certified TRX Instructor, this pains me deep down, because TRX can be such a powerful tool for people to change their bodies. I use TRX on a regular basis with my clients who range in age from 20-85, and there is always an effective exercise that challenges each one of them. TRX is a very versatile tool that can be used in a wide variety of different training styles. During my TRX classes, I vary the training styles to keep my students interested, however, they're also able to enjoy the different benefits, such as improved strength and stability, better range of motion in their joints, and the high amounts of calories burned. In the rest of this article, I'll talk about what makes TRX challenging and why this is such a powerful benefit of this unique training style.

What Makes TRX Training Different?

TRX training utilizes a common concept -
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So how do you burn calories fast? One of the best ways to burn calories is to use multiple muscle groups at once during your exercises. With the TRX, even a simple exercise like a Biceps Curl utilizes not only the biceps, but the shoulders, abs, glutes, forearms, and low back. TRX turns an isolation exercise into a calorie burning, muscle building machine!

If you've never tried TRX before, search the gyms in your area for TRX classes. At Snap Fitness Harrison Township, we offer TRX classes twice a week, and we also offer a combination class called SpinTRX, where we combine high intensity intervals of cycling with muscle building exercises using TRX (for more information about why combining cardio intervals with muscle building is much more effective, keep an eye out for my next
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