Tryouts Should Be Banned Essay

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For many years, people have been debating about whether sports teams for kids should have selective tryouts. Although some parents claim that their child has felt so defeated by an unsuccessful tryout that they don’t want to continue with the sport, this is not always what happens. I believe that exclusive tryouts should be held for children because they are extremely good for their mental health in three ways: tryouts teach kids humility, in that they aren’t always going to be selected, they help kids learn to work harder, and they boost kids’ confidence.

The first reason why tryouts should be held is because they teach kids how to be humble, and that they are not always going to do everything as well as they want. Kids who participate in
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Children with good confidence will most likely not feel depressed if they don’t make a certain team. They will be confident enough to be able to move on and keep trying. This is very important because most athletes will not get anywhere in their career without having confidence. This is because confidence allows an athlete to keep improving, without being traumatized after being cut from a team. According to Brooke De Lench from the Moms Team, “...a child with a healthy self-image will not unduly suffer from being cut, and will simply find another sport or extracurricular activity in which they might excel.” A confident child will be more likely to move on after failure.

In conclusion, I think that kids should be allowed to participate in competitive tryouts for sports teams. There are so many mental health benefits that they can get from the selective nature of tryouts despite the fact that there is a possibility that kids could end up feeling dejected. Through competitive sports, young athletes learn the values of hard work, and the qualities of confidence and humility. All three of these are great skills to have in order to navigate life later, as a successful
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