Trypsin And BAPNA Reaction

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In this experiment, we tested how proteins hydrolysis into smaller molecules using trypsin . We used BAPNA solution, a synthetic trypsin substrate, and it should turn yellow when it indicated the presence of hydrolytic activity of an enzyme. See above Table.2. There were no hydrolytic activities in between the mixtures of trypsin and water or BAPNA and water (1T and 2T), which solutions remained clear. Whereas, 3T and 4T turned yellow, which indicated that the hydrolysis happened. It is a evidence of the dye molecules in the BAPNA has been cleaved form the amino acid when trypsin and BAPNA were combined together. However, 5T had interesting result when trypsin and BAPNA solution was placed in the ice box for an hour. Even though, it is a

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