The February Revolution: The First Russian Revolution

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Tsar Nicholas II inherited the throne after his father, Alexander III, passed away from a liver disease on the 20th October, 1894. He married Alexandra of Hesse, who is the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. He did not know that he was going to be the last emperor of Russia. Russia was going through some changes at that time. The Tsar did not listen to the peasants and satisfy their needs. This made the peasants upset and angry. With the anger built up, a revolution started and the provisional government forced Tsar Nicholas II to abdicate
The Bolsheviks were unhappy with the Tsar as they did not like the way he ruled Russia and soon after they promised the peasants food and shelter and won their hearts over. They the murdered the Tsar and his family in a basement.

The February revolution was what overthrew the tsarist government and on that day, riots and
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The Bolshevik Red Guards led a revolution against the Provisional Government by seizing control of stations, telephone exchanges, post offices, the national bank and the Winter Palace in Petrograd. By the beginning of November, Moscow and the Kremlin had fallen to the Bolsheviks ("Russia 1905-41”).
The Bolsheviks stayed in power by removing anyone who opposed of the anti-government campaign by using the Cheka, a secret police force.
Bolshevism is the belief of the Bolsheviks in which they

Why did the Bolsheviks win the civil war?
The Bolsheviks won the civil war as the whites were disunited. There were three reasons why the Bolsheviks won the civil war. The first was the weaknesses of the whites, secondly there was the fact that the Bolsheviks were a strong party and finally, and finally was the party 's leadership. It was the party 's leadership which lead the Bolsheviks to their victory and the other reasons were of help but not as much as the leaders Lenin and Trotsky were. The Bolsheviks main opposition were the
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