Tsar Nicholas II's Autocratic Ruling Of Russia

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Tsar Nicholas II’s autocratic ruling of Russia contributed to a variety of problems in which Nicholas II failed to address, as he believed that he was appointed by God to rule Russia and continue to the autocratic system of ruling which he inherited from his father, and grandfather before him. Nicholas II had mixed emotions about ruling Russia, which was detrimental in bringing about his undoing, due to the simple fact that he knew nothing about being a successful Tsar. In a letter to his brother in law, Nicholas expresses his discontent of becoming Tsar. “What is going to happen to me…to mother, to all of Russia. I am not prepared to be a Tsar. I never wanted to become one. I know nothing about the business of ruling. I have no idea of even…show more content…
Seton-Watson, a British Historian stated “He was a devoted husband and father, loved the country and wildlife, and was a good landlord. Of constitutional, social and economic problems, he understood little.” In the matter of demands for political freedom and equal rights, the Tsar turned a deaf ear to constant liberals. His belief that it was his right to have unlimited control over the Russian people was of more importance than the harsh lives of the Russian peasants which formed 70% of his subjects. His inability to understand the existing social conditions in Russia and needs of the lower social classes enhanced the Tsar’s ignorance towards issues that Russia was confronted with within the 20th century. Nicholas’ ruling of Russia was criticised by many. ‘The young emperor evidently was shy about taking his proper place; he is lost in the mass foreign royalties and grand dukes who surround him’, stated Count V. Lamsdorff in his diary. The following year showed no improvement in Nicholas’ reign, Count V. Lamsdorff writing that “His majesty still lacks the external appearance and manner of an emperor.” This evidently provides further evidence suggesting that Nicholas was incapable of ruling Russia as he complained about the amount of work and people around
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