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This paper aims to study the deck construction process, method statement, challenges and considerations for Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong. Tsing Ma Bridge is known as the longest suspension cable bridge which carries both tracks and lanes in the world. There are 6 lanes on the upper deck and 2 lanes also with 2 tracks on the lower deck. The construction project of this longest suspension bridge was completed within 5 years from the construction commence. This construction project included 5 main components, tower construction, anchorage construction, cable construction, deck construction and railway track construction. During those construction process, all the workers were working under a high-risk circumstance. So a comprehensive method statement is essential for the project. Content
General Introduction Background Construction Theory and Comparison Scope of Work Challenges and Consideration Safety Method Statement Conclusion
Reference General Introduction
The name of Tsing Ma Bridge comes from its location, Tsing Ma Bridge cross over Tsing Yi and Ma Wan. Tsing Ma Bridge is the world longest suspension bridge, which carrying both railway and road, with the main span 1,377 m and total length of 2,160 m. It is also 97 m longer than the San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate.
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The special barge was towed at the specific position which the fine-tuned were below and help of tug-boats, deck moduli were raised onto the exact position from the barge to the deck level. A pair of strand jack gantries were used to maneuver along the main supporting cable so the deck moduli was able to raise from 60 m below and connect to the aligned bridge. And the aerial-dynamically designed stainless steel cladding panels were grouped on the side of the deck so that the deck can have a higher stability under a high wind speed. At last, the supporting cables were connected to the

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