Tsundereplane: A Narrative Analysis

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A/N: The ruins & snowdin arc focused on the Naruto 's loneliness and the Waterfall arc focused on the divide between humans and monsters, this arc will focus on how Tsundereplane 's death (along with others), a supposed insignificant, background character, affects the entire hotland. Which might be strange considering how the other arcs developed Naruto, but that 's not what this is solely about. What this arc will be centered around is developing the monsters and it serves as an allegory to the genocide. So be prepared, because I can 't believe I 'm literally dedicating this arc to Tsundereplane of all monsters, what have I become... OoO Also here 's something I thought up of when I read some Underswap comics to make up for the late update:…show more content…
All I have is 3G I guess I 'll go hungry for the day and starve...I don 't think I can handle another day...but I wouldn 't want to steal from you or—" *shoves hot dog in his face* Sans: "Are you kidding me?! Your one of my best friends! Free of charge!" *takes hot dog and wipes a tear* Menma: "Aw, Sans, what would I do without you, you 're the best!" Sans: "Hehe! Yeah, 'course I am!" Menma: *walks away while Napstaton glares at him* "Dont give me that look shaggy, Sans is the biggest idiot in all of underground, heh, and that 's saying something!" *smiles as they walk away* Sans: "Ha, he thinks he played me like that as if I didn 't notice right away...what a jokester." *Menma from distance* Menma: "WHAT KIND OF...HE PUT A WATER

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