Ttsd In Homer's The Odyssey

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Many soldiers and veterans come home suffering from PTSD. Overall, there are 44.7 million people who have suffered or are currently suffering from the disorder. About 11-20 every 100 soldiers and veterans that come back and have served have PTSD. There have been studies that show it has been going around for a long time and has been affecting many people from war and other different tragic events. All the way from ancient time to now. Although there haven’t been many ways to treat the disorder, the treatment has been slowly getting worse over time, because the general population still doesn’t comprehend the battle soldiers continue to endure once they return home.
In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus remains in combat mode even though the Trojan
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Lots of surviving soldiers don’t feel comfortable in civilian life once they come back. The Veteran’s Best Friends corporation helps people fix all of their problems that make them feel uncomfortable. The dog won’t judge anyone or their owner and is always there for them when they need help. Dogs can help with soldiers stress and PTSD. “ The dogs give them a purpose to get out, even if it’s just to get them out for a walk. Gets them out to go to the bathroom, gets them out of the house. Gets them into a wake up routine, gives them a schedule.” (Wounded Warriors, Healing Hounds). Dogs can help soldiers in many ways. By being there for them and making them not feel insecure, the dog is will always be there. Dogs can train to know their partners and to even comfort them when they need it. The dogs go everywhere with their owner no one has to feel insecure about being alone at home or even out in public. Another thing soldiers deal with is being social and going back to real life situations. “I was nervous, I just wanted to get the heck out of the mall, I still don’t like going into malls by myself.”(“Wounded Warriors, Healing Hounds”). Trained, caring dogs help the soldier not to feel as alone and it’s helped them feel like they have someone with them when they go out in
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