Tuberculosis Case Studies

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What is Tuberculosis?
1. Tuberculosis is a chronic bacterial infection which can affect all the organs of the body but most commonly the lungs which is called pulmonary TB. It is a contagious disease which is spread primarily in the air in moisture droplets from an infected to an uninfected person. Tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis which is also called TB bacillus. This bacterium is covered in a waxy capsule protecting it from the body’s immune system, heat and drying out which can allow it to remain alive for a long time.

Contributing Factors
• Children and the elderly with weakened immune systems are vulnerable as their bodies cannot defend the bacteria due to not being at healthy capacity.
• Visitors and immigrants from areas with a high
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Charlotte Maxeke Hospital
They have young doctors who are full of energy and can treat you well and also have inpatient and specialist outpatient services which show that they treat a wide scope of ailments. Their contacts details are below:
17 Jubilee Road
011 488 4911

1. Donald Gordon Medical Centre
They train and retain specialist and also recruit specialists who stand out in their respective fields which offer cutting edge research and patient care both in South Africa and internationally. There contact details are as follows:
21 Eton Road
011 356 6000

2. Brooklyn Chest Hospital
This hospital in Cape Town specialises in the treatment of tuberculosis as well as general medical conditions. Here you are able to receive the best treatment as they know exactly what to look for in terms of treatment plans and are experts as they deal with TB often. Their contact details are below:
Stanberry Street
Cape Town
021 508 7400

Definition of tuberculosis
1. Tuberculosis, a bacterial disease
Mind Action Series Grade 11 Workbook and Textbook
J. Grogan and R.

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