Tuck Everlasting Book Report

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Tuck Everlasting is beautifully written by Natalie Babbitt, for it has very deep messages that readers will relate to. This book’s messages of the values of life, death, and love will influence my decisions in life for the better. The characters and themes can be used to understand life in a superior way. Winnie’s decisions do help the Tucks and to not drink the water are great examples to follow. Also, the metaphor that life is a wheel helps readers with the concept of living and dieing. Overall, Tuck Everlasting can have a great impact on its readers lives. First of all, decisions of characters like Winnie will impact the way I make my decisions. For example, Winnie decides to help the Tucks even when she knows her parents would not approve.…show more content…
The novel may change people’s attitudes towards life and make it more enjoyable. Everlasting life is something most people want to have, for the number one fear in the world is death. However, seeing some of the suffering the Tucks endured can change negative views on life or death. For example, Angus Tuck is miserable and bored. He would give anything to be in heaven, and we saw this in his dream. Also, he feels like they are stuck on the wheel. He explains that life is like a wheel, but his family is not part of it. Tuck states that they were “dropped out” of the wheel because they are not truly living anymore. He believes that to be living you must die at some point, so they cannot continue to rotate on the wheel of life. However, he wants to be on the wheel and change and grow old like everything else. Everyone is growing and changing, but they are staying the same, forever! These examples show that when you live for eternity, you will be stuck and longing to change. Miles is an example of a loss of friends and family. He once had a wife and two children. However they left since they realized they grew old but he didn 't. The same thing happened with all of the Tuck’s friends. All in all, the theme of everlasting life in Tuck Everlasting urges me to appreciate my life, family, and friends
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