Tuck Everlasting Movie Analysis

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Tuck Everlasting Film Review
Is living forever the greatest gift or the ultimate curse. This is the ultimate question that both Natalie Babbitt’s novel and film have you asking constantly. Both majorly focusing on the overwhelming possibility of never facing death, and the cruel reality of greed that it comes along with. Where there are a few changes that where made with the re telling of the tucks story in the film the general theme along with the story line remain the same. To me the focal and most obvious change they made from manuscript to picture is they differ in how the film portrays Winnie Foster. When reading the book, they go on to tell stories of innocence about young 11year old, sheltered Winnie.
When watching the movie for the first time you would think the genre was a dramatic romance. It amplifies the intimacy and passion between “young” Jesse Tuck and Winnie foster. For example, the scene of the two blissfully jumping into a stream and passionately holding each other, kissing and cuddling similar to a steamy scene in a romantic comedy. They lacked the mental and physical growth of young Winnie in the film, where as in the book they go on in several chapters emphasize her innocence and
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Where as in the film Jesse alone rides back to the now modern time period of Tree Gap visiting her grave with almost the sense of content that she hadn’t tasted the cursed waters of the spring, as he read on her grave stone “in loving memory of Winifred Foster Jackson, dear wife, dear mother,1899-1999”. Gazing at it with a smile, knowing she lived a short meaningful life that he had always dreamt
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