Tucker Johnson Tragic Hero

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Dustin Johnson is a professional golfer on the PGA Tour. He is one of the best golfers in the world. I like to think of him as a tragic hero, similar to Macbeth, because of his abnormal drinking problems and his suspension from the PGA Tour in 2014. Dustin Johnson started playing golf professionally in 2007 on the PGA Tour. In his first year, he didn’t make the cut in his only tournament. But in 2008, he played in 30 tournaments and placed first in one of them, earning himself around $1.7 million. From there he only went up. From years 2009 until his suspension in 2012 he made $15 million from five tournament wins. At this time he was one of the best golfers in the world. In 2009, Dustin ran into a problem with drugs. He tested positive…show more content…
In 2012, he was suspended for use of cocaine. This was also not announced by the PGA Tour. Dustin missed out on a lot of big tournaments that he had a good chance of winning. When he returned, he was not back for very long. In July, 2014, he tested positive for another use of cocaine. This failed test and resulting suspension were told to the public. Dustin missed the PGA Championship, the FedEx Cup playoff series, and the Ryder Cup. These are three of the biggest golf tournaments on the PGA Tour. Dustin missed out on opportunities to make up to $11 million and a U.S. Golf team appearance. Dustin’s career looked to be over because of his misuse of drugs especially on such a large stage. He went off the Tour and didn’t come back until February, 2015. After his suspension, Dustin came back to the PGA Tour to play golf. He played very well in his tournaments in 2015 and looked to be making a comeback. He told reporters at the New York Post that, “Since his break from professional golf, he had cut some negative influences from his inner circle.” This is very good for Dustin because he can go back to being the great golfer that he is. Some things that I have learned from Dustin Johnson’s career is that you should think about everything before you do it. You never want to do something bad and regret it
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