Tuckman's Theory Of Resiliency To A Hostile Environment

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1. The role of evolution emerges when there’s a hostile environment that threatens the survival of any living organism. In return the hostile environment causes that living organism to counteract by incorporating features they possess in order to survive. Adaptive strategies have influenced how different groups relate and interact with each other by how they associate, cooperate, and communicate in terms of making decisions on which qualities should be contribute in order to survive. This also determines the strength of the group and their resiliency to a hostile environment. 2. The concept “reciprocal altruism” (Robert Trivers, 1990) supports the theory to acknowledge each other’s good deeds in working together by tradeoff of favors to each other. In that I conduct a favor for you today you repay me a favor in the future. An example of this is my friend and I go…show more content…
Three advantages of collectivistic cultures are: 1. Collaborate skills 2. Experience inner growth 3. Establishes individual identity Three advantage of individualistic cultures are: 1. Rewards on individual level 2. Ability to control life 3. Highly competitive 5. Tuckman’s five stages of group development (pages 37-38) are: 1. Orientation – Is an introduction to group in terms of group operation. 2. Conflict – The operation is in content of hierarchy. 3. Structure – The thoughts and expressions are shared accordingly to contribution. 4. Work – The performance of members require distinct roles. 5. Dissolution – Don’t ever end. The “Five F’s of Group Process” (page 38) are: 1. Friendly phase – The introduction involves forming relations to get to know each other. 2. Friction phase – The solution serves as a conflict until each member recognize that group work requires cooperation. 3. Forming phase – The set of contribution is unfixed and incorporated in the format of the group member skills. 4. Follow-through phase – The roles become irrelevant as long as the task is complete and goal is
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