Tucson Federal Credit Union Case Study

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It’s Christmas evening at Grandma and Grandpa’s and its time to hand out the gifts. You see an envelope with your name on it and have no idea what it is. “What such thing could possibly fit into an envelope?” you think to your 12-year-old self. You finally open the long white envelope and find a green fifty-dollar bill inside. You can smell the crisp money as soon as the envelope is opened but disappointment hits when you realize you didn’t get any toys. Children have been receiving toys for Christmas, birthdays, etc. almost their entire life until they get to the age when they receive money instead. The problem is that young kids have no idea what to do with their bills and how they should handle them. What if Tucson Federal Credit Union (TFCU)…show more content…
My idea is that TFCU could create rewards for them the more they save. These rewards could include gift cards, toys, and candy, etc. There could be different levels and the more money they save in their account, the higher to level goes. For example, the first level is $50.00. At fifty dollars, they can receive basic toys or candy. The next level is $150.00 and here they start to get more variety of prizes and rewards, maybe an eegee’s party for their class at school, or some gift cards. The final level is $500.00 and here is the final level and the maximum that this child’s savings account will hold. Once they reach this level they can chose from official Wildcat merchandise, or other gift cards. Children believe everything is better once they receive a prize, which is the main reason why this child’s account could be very beneficial. Now that these children have a way to save their money at TFCU, I believe they should be educated about what saving money is and why it’s so important. This could include a Wildcat themed coloring book about saving money that includes puzzles and games to help educate about savings. Also, it may include a candy goodie bad with a comedic children’s DVD teaching them about saving money and how their new account works. Not only will this be beneficial to the children, but help our economy in the
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