Tuesday Of The Other June Norma Mazer Summary

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“Tuesday of the other June” by Norma Fox Mazer is a realistic fiction story about a girl named June who gets bullied at swim class by another June. In the beginning June is talking to her mom and her mom doesn’t want her to get in any trouble. In the middle June starts this swim class and meets another June. June starts to get bullied by the other June that beats her up. In the end June moves and she moves next to the mean June who beats her up. June gets bullied in many ways. One way June gets bullied is she gets bullied verbally. June is getting called names while at swimming class. “In paragraph 22, for example, the character does get bullied verbally.” June gets called names by this other June. June gets called fish eyes by the mean June. They accused her of wearing a swimsuit out of the trash. June is getting bullied and she does not like it. June does not like the mean June. This is important because June is being bullied. Another way June gets bullied is physically. June is…show more content…
June is getting really scared at night and hates it. “In paragraph 41, for up example , the character gets scared at night.” June thinks that the other June is coming up her stairs into her room. She gets scared at night because of it. This means that June is getting more and more scared of the mean June. This is important because June might wake her mother up. It might make her cry because of her mind thinking about her emotions bullying her because of the other June. June is being bullied in many different ways by another June. The first way June gets bullied is verbally by the other June. June goes to swim class with another June who bullies her and calls her names. The second way June gets bullied is physically. June gets beat up really bad and doesn’t tell her mom. The last way June gets bullied is from her emotions. She gets scared at night. If someone is bullying you stick up for yourself. Tell an adult right
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