Tuesday Of The Other June Norma Mazer Analysis

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“Tuesday of the Other June” by Norma Fox Mazer is a realistic fiction short story about a girl named June. She is bullied by another girl named June. She does not want to fight, for her mother's sake, and does not want to start trouble for her mother. In the beginning or paragraph number 1 June’s mother tells her “ Be good, be good, be good my Junie,” Her mother tells her to stay out of trouble, and out of fights. Soon, she has swimming lessons and meets “ the Other June,” and is harshly bullied by her in many ways. In the end, June stands up for herself and pushes the bully away. June was bullied in many ways by “the Other June”.
One way “the other June” bullies June is verbally. In paragraphs 18-28, the mean June tells June her name is fish
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In paragraph 36, for example, June does not tell her mother why she had all those bruises on her arm were from mean June beating her. The mean June beat her. She beat her, she hit, and pushed her. “I made up some story that the bruises were from tripping on the sidewalk”,she said in paragraph 36.She just won’t tell her mother. June is so worried that her mother will have to go out of her way to fix things, that she just lets herself get pushed around. This proves that the other June knows that June won’t do anything about her. Now June is in a bad place, where, the bully can do anything to her, but she won’t tell, and the bully knows that. One way “the other June” bullies June is psychologically. In paragraph 41 for example, June imagines that the bully is coming to hurt her and torment her. “Now it wasn’t robbers creeping up the stairs, but the other June, coming to torment me.” Earlier in the story June imagines that robbers, and criminals were coming for her, but now it's June that is coming for her.June is just imagining all of this of course. The bully got to June so much, that June imagined that she was coming for her. She doesn't have to even be there to torment
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