Tuesday With Morrie Character Analysis

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Tuesday with Morrie My impressions… After I finish reading “Tuesday with Morrie”, I felt jealous and disappointed. How many teachers who I have met before in my life are friendly, splendid, and honorable? That is the first question I asked myself after finishing the book. The answer I gave to myself is “none” or “there were”, but unfortunately I do not have a chance to be with them for so long. So pity. That is why I am so jealous the author, that he was able to find his precious life teacher who loves him. I, also wish myself to find someone as Morrie, or if not, I want to be someone like him. I wish I could share my experiences with others as they could receive something from it, I hope I could become one who can influences others by somehow.…show more content…
To create a good friendship between two sides, both two are going to balance their weight of emotions. If one is too light or if one is too heavy, the steelyard will be broken which means the mission between two is failed. As many of my acquaintances know me, I am an emotional person: when I am angry, I am furious, when I am sad, I am completely absorbed by silent. Even though I am not the morose or reckless person, believe me. In the fact that I having an emotional character, I do not wish any people to be suffered or interfered by it. I always telling myself to hold and deal with my emotion and no to propagate it too much, or it will become exaggerate. Sometimes the positive emotions are difficult to be held, everyone knows, so it is an exception. Although, that goes opposite with negatives emotions. For me, I think we should not let our negatives drive through others because it is irrational. It is better to let them go and distance from those negative feelings. Making worthy friendship among people is now my goal so I need to be aware of my…show more content…
My jobs are family, friends, and myself; so simple. For the family, I wish to repay them with all my loves and efforts as I could give them. I want to support their livelihood whatever the issues are. No matter if it is money, relationship, or either life. Exterminating my anxieties of my brothers and sister, I want to see them become a success in their life and live as they wish. It is not important anymore if they were dissolute before, I just hope them to found something they really passionate with. Before I die, I want to reach the point that I could be the one who can give my family a civilization and satisfaction as they desire without struggling. My friends, no matter who they will be, I wish to be always beside them in anyhow: misery, hardship, delight, or even the time with nothing. I please I and my beloved friends will be together supporting each of us as long as we can. The last thing I yearn before leaving this world for myself is to become a loved one. I want my life to be surrounded with friends and my beloved one. I want to get married to some reliable person who can accept my true colors. I want to be with my friends who trying to understand myself. I want my family to be proud of me—my choices I have chosen. I want to have my own family, so I could understand how arduous my parents had overcome and how much they love their children. I want to prove myself

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