Tuesdays With Morrie

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Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is a very touching story about a man and his elderly professor. After reading this book I was able to notice that Morrie had numerous amounts relationships with people. These relationships ranged from being intimate, friendly, or professional. Throughout the book we were able to see a lot of his relationships grow even more as he has now learned that he has a debilitating disease that he will soon die from. We learn that not all of the relationships that you have are with humans they can be with things that are not living as well which is not something that you normally think about. This book is very touching and shows how even if you are dying you are still able to live your life to the fullest and make…show more content…
Morrie has an amazing relationship with the day of the week known as Tuesday. This book's title even has Tuesday in it because of how significant this day was to him. When Morrie was still a professor a lot of the classes that he taught had been held on Tuesdays. When Mitch was taking courses with Morrie he mentioned that most of them had been on a Tuesday so because of that they ended up meeting after their class together. They had met on Tuesdays from the very beginning of their relationship. There were a few times throughout the book where Mitch and Morrie referred to themselves as Tuesday people because of how many years they had been meeting with each other on that specific day. Because of how important Mitch was to Morrie I believe that some of Morrie’s best days even when he was close to death were the Tuesdays that he spent with Mitch. Mitch and Morrie talked about how they would talk to each other when he died and they decided that Mitch would come and visit Morrie’s grave on Tuesdays so he could talk to him about how his life is going now that Morrie is not around. It was not said if it was on purpose of by coincidence but once Morrie died he was buried on a Tuesday. While reading this book I began to wonder if Tuesday was Morrie’s favorite day of the week because so many significant things happened during his life on…show more content…
Morrie’s relationship with death began to formulate before he was diagnosed with ALS. Morrie had expected that something was wrong with him for a few years before he was diagnosed. People would tell him that everything that was happening was just because of him getting older but he knew that it was much more than that. He knew this because he would have dreams all the time that he was dying. Morrie began to see many doctors having many tests done and not finding anything until they did a specific test dealing with his muscles and found that he had ALS. From the minute he was diagnosed with ALS his relationship with death became stronger than ever. At first he had a rocky relationship with death as anyone would. He did not understand why people were acting like everything was normal when he just found out that he was dying. At first he did not know what to do with his life now. He started to realize that this disease was taking away the most simple things that people take for granted like driving, dressing yourself, or even just going to the bathroom on your own. Morrie eventually came to terms with the fact he was dying at least as much as you could. Morrie said that he was not ashamed of the fact he was dying, he wanted his experience of dying to be used as research. This is where Mitch and the last class came in. The fact that Morrie was so comfortable
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