Tuesdays With Morrie Book Summary

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Tuesdays with Morrie is a non-fiction book which includes values and lessons inculcated in the story of an old man named Morrie Schwartz and a young man named Mitch Albom which had lost touch for several years. The book circulated in the events of their lives from the flashbacks and present times and how they were able to meet up again and change each other 's lives. The central theme of this book is about life lessons one can garner through death. It is how the encounter and visitation of Mitch to his college professor Morrie every Tuesday became lessons on how to live life. With this, Tuesdays with Morrie is the outcome of the remaining time they spent together while Morrie is nearing to his death. The story began with a flashback of Mitch 's Graduation Day. He is bidding goodbye to Morrie while giving him a briefcase with his initials on it. They hug and when they finally let go of each others arms, he stood back and saw Morrie in tears. After their goodbyes, Mitch promises Morrie that he will keep intouch but he actually doesn 't after college. After 16 years that had passed and with that extent he had been very busy since graduation as a reporter and husband, he was able to find opportunity to see Morrie once again by a Ted Koppel Show and that 's the time he had known his favorite college professor is struggling with an uncurable disease called ALS. This event leads to the visitation of Mitch every Tuesday. This is not just an ordinary visitation because it turns out

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