Tuesdays With Morrie Character Analysis

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In the book Tuesdays with Morrie we learn that Morrie is a man who is very content with his life, despite certain bad circumstances. Seeing the struggles of his father and brother helps Morrie understand that, despite unpleasant things in life, there is no need to give up. Morrie is full of wisdom and always tries to share what he learns from his life experiences. Early in the story, we learn that Morrie’s childhood family consists of his mother, step-mother, father, his younger brother, and lastly, Morrie. Morrie’s love for his family, both his childhood family and his wife and children, is very strong and is clearly shown throughout the story. We find the information about Morrie’s childhood as well as the information about his mother, step-mother, father, and brother in the 13th chapter of the book. In the chapter titled “The Professor” we learn about how Morrie receives the news of his mother’s death. We also learn about his father being an immigrant, and how his brother dies. Finally, we learn about his stepmother. The first person that Morrie tells us about is his mother and how he receives word of her death at the age of eight years old. Although we are…show more content…
The first thing Morrie tells us about his new mother shows that he is very fond of her. She is called his “saving embrace”, and that shows that he likes her. We know that she is a very energetic person and she brings positive atmosphere into the rather dim areas that his father creates. In quite a few aspects, she is the opposite of Morrie’s father and brings a very positive atmosphere into Morrie’s life. I believe that Eva is a big reason that Morrie is as loving and caring as he is. She helps to fill the loss of his mother. Because she is not stingy with her love, Morrie begins to see how important love truly is. She shows him that the world needs love to be a happy place and encourages him to be the person that shows love to
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