Tuesdays With Morrie Essay

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When a loved one dies, it may seem like the world is going to end. Although it is emotionally taxing, death never makes the deceased go away. In Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, Mitch was a popular newscaster who was engulfed in modern society’s pressures. Shortly after Mitch saw his former sociology teacher, Morrie, on a nighttime television talk show, he drove to Morrie’s house to reconnect. Mitch soon found himself visiting every Tuesday to discuss different life lessons with Morrie. Because he had a terminal illness (ALS), Morrie gained a new appreciation for life, making him wiser and more in tune with what truly matters. A major topic emphasized through out this book is death. During one of the final Tuesdays, Morrie muttered to Mitch,…show more content…
Mitch had vowed not to cry while visiting Morrie, but on the last visit, Mitch could not hold in his emotions any longer because he knew this would be the last Tuesday visit. “He had finally made me cry.” (186) When Mitch finally cried, he became one with Morrie, for he finally understood why Morrie wanted him to free his emotions. At the funeral, Mitch watched Morrie’s ashes being buried, recalling the time that Morrie had told him to visit his grave. Mitch had asked how they were going to still have their lessons and Morrie said, “‘You talk, I listen.” Mitch then thought “I tried doing that in my head and, to my happiness, found that the imagined conversation felt almost natural. I looked down at my hands, saw my watch and realized why. It was Tuesday” (188). The fact that the funeral was Tuesday gave Mitch a sense of closure because Mitch and Morrie were “Tuesday people.” In the conclusion of Mitch’s time with Morrie, he talked about the last class Morrie taught, the subject being the meaning of life, which never truly ends. “The teaching goes on” (192). There is never an end. Although the physical life of Morrie had ended, he lived on spiritually in the heart of
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