Tuesdays With Morrie Reflection

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Tuesdays With Morrie is a heart wrenching philosophical movie about a rekindled relationship between a former student Mitch Albom and his college professor Morrie Schwartz, who’s dying from ALS. Every Tuesday, Mitch visits his college professor and learns a valuable lesson on some of the most complex problems life has to offer such as dependency and fear. Throughout the film, there were numerous amount of quotes that represented a significant lesson regarding life, but there were three in particular that stood out to me. “When we’re infants we need other to survive, When were dying, we need others to survive. But here’s the secret. In between, we need them even more” said Morrie. This quote undoubtedly spoke out to me because it establishes…show more content…
The utmost powerful lesson that Tuesdays With Morrie provides its audience is to treasure the gift that life is, by living every day of our lives as if it was our last. This lesson is apparent at the start of the movie when we witness Mitch living this high-profile lifestyle which kept him constantly busy with work. Due to his work filled lifestyle, he wasn't able to make much time to enjoy the small things in life such as spending time with his loved ones. Overtime his work-obsessed behaviour caused him to have a fall out in his relationship with his girlfriend Janine. Thankfully, Morrie helped Mitch realize the unhealthy lifestyle he was living and taught him how to prioritize the things that meant most to him without completely interfering with his work. In regards to my future pathway after high school, Tuesdays with Morrie has helped me realize how important an equal work-life balance is and to feel a sense of fulfillment with the career I choose to pursue. In countless cases, people become so caught up in their jobs that they miss out on the small moments that make life so enjoyable. So to find that equilibrium where you’re working, but still able to continue to be with people you love and do the things you enjoy is
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