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Death is a recurring theme in this book. Not only is death explained as being sad, but what is kind of weird is how death can be seen as sort of a happy thing. Dying, in general, is sad. But the whole ordeal of it can bring people together, or fix relationships that have been broken. In the case of Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom, Morrie and Mitch were separated due to the fact that Mitch cared more about his job than the most important things in life; love, work, community, family, aging, forgiveness, and the main theme, death. Now, Mitch cared too much about work when he should have cared about his family, girlfriend, and Morrie. But, Morrie teaches Mitch that there are more important things to life than working. This is where Morrie’s death comes into play.…show more content…
Death is viewed, mostly, as a bad thing. This is because a life is being taken from people who love the dying person. But in this book, it seems to be that Mitch Albom is shedding a light on as to why death is a happy thing. Death brought Mitch and Morrie back together. Death gave Mitch hope to live a happy life. Death let Morrie tell his story so that the nation could hear all about the professor from Brandeis University. But overall, death is the great equalizer. People are worried about showing emotion because it shows they actually feel something and don 't want to be viewed as weak. This is where death being the great equalizer sets into motion. Death was a wake-up call for Mitch. Mitch was stuck in a rotation of caring too much about the unimportant things and caring too little about the very crucial things. Once Mitch saw Morrie on the TV, he soon realized that his favorite professor, or “coach”, was sick and going to die. This turned Mitch’s life around. He then realized that the person he promised to see everday was no longer going to be

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