Character Development In Tuesdays With Morrie

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This twentieth century memoir written by Mitch Albom, is about Mitch’s personal experience with one of his professors who later becomes his biggest role model. In the midst of Mitch’s crazy life, he sees a very familiar face on the television; a dying man spreading his life stories while he still has the chance. This man happened to be Morrie Schwartz, what used to be one of mitch 's undoubtedly close professors and coach. The novel focuses on mitch 's visits with morrie before his final days and all the life lessons morrie has to offer. In the novel Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom uses character development and dialogue to portray the importance of having a strong mentor by demonstrating the relationship between an old professor and and his student.
One of the most importants aspects to this book was its characters, most specifically Morrie Schwartz. The theme first emerges when the author starts Morrie’s character development with a description. “He is a small man who takes small steps, as if a strong wind could, at any time, whisk him up into the clouds… when he smiles it’s as if you’d just told him the first joke on earth”(Albom 2). In this beginning description the reader is able to
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“‘You don’t understand. I want to tell you about my life. I want to tell you before I can’t tell anyone… I want someone to hear my story’”(19). With the use of dialogue, the author makes evident mories one wish; for his story to be heard. Mitch was an imperative piece to Morries wish coming true; he listened to morries stories and spread his teachings even when morrie couldn’t. The author also used character development in this part of the story. As morrie grew old, mitch slowly integrated more into Morrie’s everyday life. The author used the development of morrie’s aging to support the theme by showing that sometimes even the mentors need
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