Tulia Peres Informative Speech: Solar Panels

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Tulia Peres “Solar Panels” Informative Speech Outline
A. Attention Getter: Does anyone know what electric energy source works during the day and night?
B. Background and Audience Relevance: As stated by C. Naff in his 2007 book Feeling the Future Solar power the development of the Solar Panels began during the mid-1800, this was during the Industrial Revolution to be able to heat up water and also steam for the machinery. In the year of 1839 French Scientist Alexandre Edmund Becquerel discovered the Photovoltaic process. Years later in 1941, an American Engineer Russell Ohl invented the solar cell. We all know that the oil that is use for natural gas and gasoline is used to heat and warm houses, but they are also fossil fuels
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Sub-Point 1: According to Energyinformative.Org an online article, by Mathias, M. (2015, April 28) notifies us what the cost of having a solar panel is. To begin with, one-thousand walts stands for 1Kw, when it is a 3-8Kw the range of the price is between $15,000-$40,000 but it all depends on the company so the prices can be lower. The money is separated into two different percentages, the solar panel takes up to 30%, labor takes up to 15%, permits is another 15%, balance of system is 20% and operational cost is 20%. Solar panels have been used all over the United States, California has the most solar panel homes (626,000) follow by Arizona, New Jersey, Nevada, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Texas with 13,000 solar panel homes.
B. Sub-Point 2: According to an article on the energyinformative.Org, by Mathias, M. (2015, April 28) states the pros and cons of a solar panel. Their pros are no pollution, reliable, renewable, abundant, works quietly, low-maintenance, doesn't take up much space, saves electricity, money and you can get financial support Gov. Federal tax credit. The cons are that it is expensive, exotic materials, only generates during the day, weather conditions can sometimes be a problem, and manufacturing of materials create
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