Essay On Excess Tummy Fat

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Why do you have excess tummy fat
Why do you have excess tummy fat in the first place? A large part of it is caused by your diet. You have probably been eating foods that have contributed to the fat deposits in your mid-section. You should take a moment to look at your diet and identify those foods that may be contributing to it. Use the above video and the following information as a guideline.
Are you eating too much synthetic food?
Your body does not handle artificial food very well. It has major problems with foods that come out of a packet. The body works best with food that is natural. As an example, your body prefers an apple as compared to apple juice or apple pie. That does not mean that you have to run along and adopt a whole food vegan
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You still suffer, but certain societies suffer more. No one has really adapted to junk-food yet.
Look for healthy and wholesome food [0:05:17.1]
[Paramjit] A lot of people working in offices have access to cakes, biscuits and sweets that they nibble on as snacks. You really got to avoid this. What you can do instead is to have fruits and nuts for snacks.
[Suresh] Those are good snack options. If you are hungry away from your main meals, have fruits and nuts.
[Paramjit] These are the best options. As we mentioned earlier, you cannot lose by taking green tea. It will help to boost your metabolism. At least that is what some of the research says. You also get a boost of antioxidants.
[Paramjit] Also take whole grain foods. Whole grain foods have fibre and it helps with weight loss
[Suresh] Fibre also helps with detoxification
[Paramjit] Fibre also helps with cholesterol reduction. Oats and whole grain foods should be part of your main diet. Other food like lentils are also good choices. Also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables of all kinds.
Drink enough water to lose belly fat [06:30.1]
[Paramjit] Do not forget water. Water is an essential part because without water your body just cannot work
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